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From Complexity to Clarity

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A forensic since childhood, I always indulged in the role of devil's advocate in solidifying my hypotheses in differentiating TRUTH from FALSEHOOD. I have exercised this principle throughout many aspects of my life, both personal and professional, which aided in my understanding of the world ever more accurately.


Upon realizing my strengths, I decided to apply it to the engineering world, where my primary mission was to collectively improve the world by solving one of society's greatest challenges: the consistent and sustainable attainment of wealth, and economic prosperity. 


Enter the Investor Oasis, a haven of investment knowledge, and a community of enthusiastic youngsters eager to learn the keys to proper investing, understand the investor mindset, and finally develop and implement a long-term investment strategy that makes their money work for them! 

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Day in and day out, I’m constantly taking on new and interesting projects that help me build my personal brand. From industry-related tasks to unusual and sporadic opportunities, each experience I’ve had has turned me into who I am today. Have a look at everything I’ve done, and send any questions my way.


JUNE 2016 - AUGUST 2016

I gained some real-world experience in the realm of portfolios by structuring a comprehensive list of ethical-compliant funds utilizing reputable databases with the most up-to-date information possible. With that, I initiated an original fund ranking system based on Sharpe Ratios and Manager Tenure, and constructed a Monte Carlo Simulation over a seven-year period with guidance from Mr. Gustavo Aristizabal, Wainwright's President & COO.


JUNE 2015 - AUGUST 2015

As a beginner in the Venture Capital sector, I was fortunate to receive strong mentors like Dr. Mussaad Al-Razouki. I supported him by pioneering the deal flow tracking of over 60 start-up companies and performing thorough quantitative analyses on target firms and a study of the total addressable market to predict a fair enterprise value. As a result, we acquired Kuwait Universal Group, a medical events organizer, for an undisclosed price.


JUNE 2013 - AUGUST 2013

I have had the fortune of interning under the supervision of Mr. Alex van der Ster at B&S Kopcke B.V. With the collaboration of some senior managers in the logistics department, we developed project guidelines for larger scale distribution contracts encompassing all aspects of potential humanitarian operations in the world.

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I have a great balance between industry-specific skills and soft skills, which means I have what it takes to do brilliant work and make a contribution to any team. If you’re interested in getting to know more about me, and the skills I possess, get in touch. I’d love to discuss with you all the tools, skills and more I can put to use for you.


I possess the capability to communicate clearly and concisely using multiple languages including Arabic, English and French (Conversational).


My analytical nature coupled with strong training in MATLAB and R scripting languages, I am able to combine skill-sets and ultimately transform complexity into clarity (Currently training in Python programming).


My past experiences in the College of Engineering Ambassador Program and the Mathematical Finance Club Presidency has helped me build my leadership qualities and utilize them to take initiative as new developments arise.

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All Aboard The Ripple Roller Coaster (04/01/2018)

It's been over 6 months since I was introduced to Ripple Labs. I've been researching cryptocurrencies since Bitcoin crazily hopped to $8,000. I began to wonder why these virtual mediums of exchange were doing so well; it was the hype of the decade and perhaps the century at large. Then, I began to look at all the forks that appeared as a result of Bitcoin's nature of technological disruption: Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin etc. If you think about it, Bitcoin is how the Blockchain- the electronic ledger that records all the transactions being made across the globe- is being marketed. 

From this, I had initially deduced that the Blockchain is what's important, not the cryptocurrency. I thought wrong. They are equally as important because the Blockchain alone cannot create activity. That's the cryptocurrency's job as the medium of exchange; to optimally utilize the Blockchain within three overarching principles: Efficiency, Transparency, & Security. (In reality, there's more to it. Baby steps.)

When I got introduced to Ripple Labs and its XRP medium, I was baffled by how the centralized financial institutions were taking note of it. I thought, "How is Ripple creating this initial organizational hype as opposed to the general public?!" I was simultaneously very intrigued and skeptical of the XRP model. I began delving deeper into this corporation-friendly crypto...


"Passion. Patience. Persistence."


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